“Blackadderdeftly captures the rugged beauty of the Kimberley and the raw energy of the wild horses. The tender, tenuous relationship between girl and horse is palpable.”
Sun Herald (click for full review)

“Horse Lovers' Heaven: Jesse Blackadder's Paruku the Desert Brumby is quite simply a must-read for every horse loving pre-pubescent girl. The book has a broader appeal too and would be appreciated by anyone who loves good stories about the Australian bush...Paruku hooks the reader in from the beginning.
- Outback Magazine (click for full review)

“It is evident that Jesse Blackadder has a significant understanding of wild horses, and an ability to capture the spirit of the Kimberley magnificently… This real life adventure will appeal to middle primary to junior secondary students, particularly girls who have a deep love of horses… HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.”
- Magpies: Talking about books for children

“The perfect story for animal lovers of all ages... a terrific read.”- The Land (click for full review)

… it's the horse details which will make 'Paruku The Desert Brumby' the kind of novel 10-15 year old horse-mad girls will recommend to each other. And even the ones who are not horse-mad… The inserts written from the viewpoint of the brumbies are beautifully written. Poetic and sustained.
- Buzzwords
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Jesse Blackadder 2015