“Byron Bay becomes an exquisite character in itself, full of death and destiny, and almost more vibrant than the humans. In a word: enchanting.” - Herald Sun

“Byron Bay has finally met its match. Jesse Blackadder has stared unflinchingly into its kaleidoscope of contradictions and extracted an unforgettable novel.” - Northern Star

“There is more to After the Party than meets the eye. What stands out in Jesse Blackadder’s offering is the way Byron Bay itself is cast as the most powerful character in the novel, influencing lives and actions and bringing about ends that seem inevitable. Using place as a character has been done many times before, but Blackadder’s depiction of Byron Bay is heartfelt and special...” - Australian Bookseller & Publisher

“This is no Almost French style memoir of a 30-something woman discovering a new place, but rather a character-driven romantic thriller (if there is such a thing) about life changing moments and collisions with fate. And none of the characters is more appealing than gorgeous Byron Bay itself. Worth discovering.” - Sunday magazine

“...Blackadder carries it off well, adding to After the Party’s cosmic beating-of-the butterfly’s-wings theme of the interconnectedness of nature and those linked through the bonds of love.” - Spectrum, Sydney Morning Herald

“... a masterpiece of seduction... After the Party works as an action packed humorous drama. Dive a little deeper and it’s a contemporary spiritual fable with a lesbian sensibility.” - LOTL

“Blackadder’s descriptions perfectly capture Byron’s spiritual and serene nature. It’s almost a character in its own right.” - Cosmopolitan

“...An entertaining potpourri of characters...” - Australian Women’s Weekly

“After the Party is a colourful and evocative book where you can almost taste the salt of the ocean and feel the ‘magic’ in the air.” - Byron Shire News

“...a colourful story of fate, feng shui and falling in love.” - Adelaide Advertiser

“The best sex scene I've ever read.” -Jesse's stepmother

Jesse Blackadder 2015