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Byron Bay, 5 December. On a cool early summer night a group of eccentrics gather for a dinner party hosted by Feng Shui consultant ‘Black Dragon’. Before the night is through a relationship will implode, a teenager will overdose, a woman will fall in love with the wrong person, and a robust fish curry will lead to a murder investigation.
As far as parties go, it’s a disaster. But Byron Bay has more surprises in store for Black Dragon when her perfectly designed life is turned upside down by an anonymous lover, a possible pregnancy and an unresolved past.
Between the steamy rainforests of the hinterland and the turquoise ocean, colonised by cane toads, fortune tellers, acrobats and tourists, death and destiny hover, waiting to pounce…
Full of subversive wit, After the Party is a sensuous, passionate story about life-changing moments and collisions with fate. It made the Australian Book Review list of all time favourite Australian novels in 2010.

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